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Important event.

The event of her life that we chose, was the release of her movie: “Life is but a dream” is a 2013 autobiographical television film. It was released on Febraury 16, 2013 on the HBO network. It was directed and executive produced by Beyonde. She said she would not have released a film just for the sake or self documentation. She wanted it to express what she believe to be true about life, that everything has a reason and that we all need to be conscious of life’s littles clues and how dots all connect or we miss out. She felt really anxious and at the same time happy to do the movie, she really wanted that we received the message se wanted to transmit.

I feel good with this because I think that she is right and the message she wanted to transmit with the movie was really inspiring and I think so similar things. So for me it was really good. 


Beyonce Giselle Knowles, Known as Beyonce was born in Houston, Texas, United States on September 4th 1981. She is a singer, composer, record producer, dancer, model, fashion designer and actress.
Her musical career started as the lead singer of the group Destiny’s Child.
In 2003 she launched her first solo album: Dangerously in love, which became in one of the most successful albums of the year, winning 5 Grammy award in 2004. In 2006, Beyonce launched her second solo album entitled B’day. Her third album was released in 2008 and made her win 6 Grammy awards. In June of 2011 she released her fourth album and in December of 2013 she released her fifth album.
She has won 17 Grammy awards , 12 MTV video music awards, 1 billboard millennium award and she has sold more than 40 million records with  Destiny’s Child. She has been #1 on the billdoard hot 100, 10 times in total.

We can see in her performances, videos, photos and others that she has a kind and striking personality, she also laughs at everything, and she is really confidence and cheerful.